Tuesday, January 10, 2012

To love him.


BY Jim Bronaugh. 2012.

Laura at that moment

“return, return, return”.

But there could be no return.

He fell without showing a movement.

A shocking sadness of sight.

Finality as surfaces met.

The coldness in Laura was instant

Her bowels her stomach betrayed.

A death more painful than death.

Two men, gunslingers, face frozen

but the weapon lay dead on the floor.

Understanding spoke loud from her bleeding.

With firmness but kindness they moved her

more came, with swiftness they moved

staunching the work of his madness

The scars on the outside were minor

compared to the longing inside

alone to never love another

when suddenly eyes were upon her

a smile with a glint, like steel

like the face she had loved before

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