Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Sheep Market

By Jim Bronaugh ©2005

They stopped us in the sheep market.
Jenna prayed they would not take us away.
They hurt you when they take you away.
They rape you when they take you away.
It is illegal to take you away.

We stripped under forceful prodding.
Jenna’s hands could not cover her shame.
The scars of previous encounters.
The pain in her eyes of a memory.
When her child stopped singing inside.

The crowd pressed eagerly closer.
They wanted to have that power.
They wanted to be those soldiers.
They wanted to put their fingers,
Where the foul sergeant was putting his.

Their game ended, they marched away smiling.
Their eyes flashed of power and lust.
Billy joked about his erection.
"Fear does strange things to people".
And some of the crowd lingered.

Hoping for one more glimpse?

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